I just heard my article, “The 7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing for Luxury Hotels” was among the Top 50 Most Read Hospitality Marketing Articles for 2007 according to HotelMarketing.com.  I am obviously pleased – not so much for the honor – but to learn so many luxury hotel marketers are interested in improving their email programs

The bottom line is: as more hotels follow email and direct marketing best practices when developing their campaigns the more likely email will become the “killer app” it should.  Email will create stronger customer relationships, loyalty and sales.

HotelMarketing.com – the online travel, hospitality industry and Internet news web site has been publishing relevant articles for hotel marketers since 1997.  Its daily e-newsletter is sent to 37,000 hotel marketing executives and contains recently published articles.  Every December HotelMarketing.com announces the list of that year’s Top 50 Most Read Hotel Marketing Articles.

Read the article and please share your thoughts with me and others.

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