Super Bowl ads are unique. These multi-million dollar production extravaganzas are so popular there are now web sites dedicated to them. People who normally use their DVD Recorders to Zap TV ads are actually flocking to sites to watch commercials. It is an amazing phenomenon.

As a small luxury hotelier, what can you learn from this? Simple – if your marketing messages are interesting enough, people will look forward to receiving them.

We subscribe to a host of email newsletters from small luxury hotels and an unusually large percentage of them are really not very interesting.

Many look nice, but just like spending a gazillion dollars producing a Super Bowl ad, good art direction is not the key to success. All contain information about the hotel, but the majority are written from the hotel’s perspective and fail to genuinely connect with consumers.

Successful Super Bowl ads connect with the consumer, make them laugh or perhaps bring tears to their eyes. Small luxury hotels need to create an emotional connection with past and potential guests. When you do, people will look forward to hearing from you and your marketing program will be much more effective.

What do you think?

AUTHOR: harshadmethrath
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