Forrester Research in a recent study among 5,000 online consumers reports on what web content and functionality people want most.

Here are the top four items mentioned:

  1. User ratings/reviews – 64%
  2. Special offers/coupons – 61%
  3. Product or price comparison tools – 59%
  4. Customer testimonials – 49%

How can small luxury hotels take advantage of this research. Even with a small marketing budget – the truth is you can.

Every small luxury hotel should be putting special offers up on the web. So #2 above should be taken care of – no sweat.

So let’s take a look at numbers 1, 3 and 4. All three of these consumer desires can be easily taken care of by including a TripAdvisor RSS feed somewhere on your site. One hotel that has done this very effectively is Nisbet Plantation on Nevis in the Caribbean. This is the only hotel we know of to place TripAdvisor reviews right on it’s home page.

In one simple step it is offering consumers user ratings/reviews, a pricing comparison and customer testimonials. Audacious? Maybe. But while many hotels shy away from TripAdvisor, Nisbet has embraced it and at the same time offers potential guests what they want most ina web experience.

The result? In TripAdvisor’s 2008 Traveler’s Choice Awards, Nisbet was ranked as the best luxury hotel in all the Caribbean and Latin America and the 6th best luxury hotel in the world.

If you have a TripAdvisor story you’d like to share, add a comment. Need help managing Travel 2.0 let me know. Safe travels – Madigan Pratt

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  • I highly agree. I think every business owner should think about themselves as an internet user as well and what they would want to see on a site. The purpose of a site is to provide value. Providing ratings, reviews, and comparisons provides value and internet users love that.

    August 20, 2008

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