Last month I wrote a short article on The Death of Advertising.  Although I wasn’t planning on writing a sequel an article in yesterday’s New York Times prompted me to do so.

The article was about The Oscars and included television ratings back to 1960.   In 1960 when Ben-Hur won The Oscars the program had a rating of 45.8!  That means that 45.8% of all households with television sets (virtually every one) tuned in to watch the show.  An amazing figure.

The average rating for the show over the past five years however has been  a measly 23.7 – almost half of what it was in 1960.  Guess people have more interesting things to do today than watch television.  On the Internet maybe?

This is good news for small luxury hotels that can’t afford TV.  Let the chains waste their money chasing after the elusive (and increasingly downscale) television viewer.  Stick to personalizing your quest experience before, during and after their stay.

That’s the way to build brand advocates and positive word-of-mouth advertising.  Do this and you’ll succeed where chains oftentimes fail even without TV advertsing!

Let me know what you think.  Safe travels – Madigan Pratt

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