If hospitality marketing wasn’t hard enough already!  TripAdvisor, the 1,000lb. gorilla is now a 1,500lb. baby.  In June, 2007 the site had 10 million reviews.  It just announced that figure is now over 15 million !  A 50% increase in less than a year.

What amazes me is many small luxury hoteliers I talked to don’t pay much attention to TripAdvisor other than read the reviews and post an occasional management response.  They have no proactive strategy to manage comments people make and post for the world to see. 

In today’s socially networked society, if you don’t have a strategy you are in deep trouble.  TripAdvisor-branded sites now attract over 25 million unique visitors every month – many of whom are your customers.

Without a strategy many more of them “could have been your customers” had you managed the conversation.

Call out the marketing department, the PR folks and the Internet gurus and start planning your TripAdvisor strategy.  Small luxury hoteliers need to be proactive in this area.  Develop a strategy and stick to it.

Do you have a TripAdvisor strategy yet?  Safe travels – Madigan Pratt

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  • Louise

    What more can you do besides look into the complaint and provide a management response accordingly? At least you can put in a rebuttle to the comments on their site. Other sites that allow reviews don’t give you that opportunity.

    November 9, 2008
  • Madigan Pratt

    You can do a number of things, but you need to be more proactive than reactive. Do you share reviews of your hotel with staff? Do they know that guests are talking about them online and sometimes mentioning them by name? Do you offer rewards/certificates to staff who are mentioned in a positive way? What do you do to encourage guests to write positive reviews? CAUTION! You run the risk of being de-listed if you offer an incentive for writing a good review.

    Think of all the pro-active things you can do to generate more and more positive reviews.

    November 10, 2008

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