On a recent [very long] flight I had time for a thorough read through the HSMAI special report entitled, “The Travel Marketer’s Guide to Social Media and Social Networks: Sales and Marketing in a Web 2.0 World.”

If you have ever wondered about what was happening in Social Media, what the fuss is all about or how you will ever get up to speed, I would strongly recommend you get a copy.  The cost is $99 for HSMAI Members and $149 for the great unwashed.

The book is 170 pages long and provides a comprehensive review of the market as it stands today – well maybe yesterday.  The whole social media phenomenom is changing at an increasingly fast pace.  In one place the book mentions Trip Advisor as having 6 million hotel reviews.  Check the post below – TripAdvisor is now up to 15 million reviews!

So if you don’t want to slip even further (perhaps hopelessly) behind order a copy and read it.  Can’t imagine anyone responsible for marketing a small luxury property not wanting to get aux fait with Social Media.  Well maybe if you are on the verge of retirement…or maybe not interested in advancing…

If you’ve already read it, what do you think?  Safe Travels.  Madigan Pratt

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  • Social media is huge because that is where people are going to join in on the conversation. A lot of people can find communities and meet people online that are interested in what they are.
    The social media sites allow people to voice their opinion as well.

    August 18, 2008
  • Hm nothing on social media since 2008… we’ve gone a long way since then and the luxury market has the most to gain in my opinion. Having run several dozen social media campaigns for hotels those that do best are the luxury. See Hotel Seven in Paris or Hotel de l’Abbaye in Paris who have some great results on facebook.

    February 2, 2011

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