It’s January 2008 and Hillary Clinton was ready for the coronation.  As the front runner for nomination as the Democratic Presidential candidate she looked invincible.

How times have changed.  As the media pundits start to dissect what went wrong a valuable marketing lesson for small luxury hotels is emerging.

To begin with, Hillary’s main message (experience) was off target.  It wasn’t what people wanted or were interested in hearing.  Later her message started to waffle from one topic to another and in the end what she really stood for became nebulous in voter’s minds.

In the meantime Barack Obama kept a single minded focus on delivering the same message – one people wanted to hear – change.

So what’s the lesson for small luxury hotels? 

  • Make sure your marketing message is very clear and delivers a benefit people are looking for.
  • Be consistent!  Drive your message home with every piece of communication your deliver.

There are marketing lessons just about everywhere you look these days.  Good ideas and important lessons can be gleaned from beyond the hospitality or travel industries.

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