I was just getting ready to recycle my newspapers when an article about the TV ratings for this year’s World Series caught my eye.  It was an AP story with an interesting title:

 Baseball:  Thrown a Curve, Audience Walks

While the article does say the Series was entertaining, it went on to say with a TV rating of 8.4 this was 17% below the previous record low! Ouch!   FYI – one rating point is the equivalent of 1% of all US households.

How bad is it?  The last time the Phillies won the World Series (1980) the average rating was 32.8.   So, the 2008 World Series rating was only 1/4 of what it was 28 years ago.  Of course that was before the Internet.

Yet another indication that TV and Advertising are both dying.  Does anybody remember seeing this year’s Series?

What do you think?  Safe travels – Madigan Pratt


AUTHOR: Madigan Pratt
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