MP&A Digital & Advertising is dedicated to delivering results in the terms of increasing revenue and occupancy for our hotel clients. Over the years, we have published countless case studies that document the success of our iCRM (integrated customer relationship marketing) program.

We’re honored that our recent work with Jamaica Inn has been featured by the experts at MarketingSherpa, “a research firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing (and what does not.)”

Certainly, our iCRM program has worked for the iconic Jamaica Inn. In the nearly two years that MP&A has been the marketing agency for the resort, the independent, 52-room property has experienced a major increase in revenue and occupancy.

Jamaica Inn, like many luxury properties, had experienced a decline in revenue that began with the 2008 recession and continued into early 2010. The resort had a strong sales focus, but needed to strengthen its marketing efforts to its past guests and prospects.

As a result of its iCRM program and a great team effort, Jamaica Inn has more than doubled its revenues since the recession and achieved a 52% increase since the program began (see revenue index below).

Jamaica Inn Revenue Index

MP&A Digital & Advertising


What’s the secret? It is the iCRM program (see below), which has a marketing database as its foundation. All of the marketing components then work together to reach and motivate consumers to advance along the customer lifecycle.

“For a hotel to truly benefit from iCRM, its marketing agency must have a complete understanding of all of these disciplines and how they work together to build relationships and sales,” said Madigan Pratt, President of MP&A. “iCRM is only successful when the agency has made a deep commitment to the science of database marketing.”

iCRM | MP&A Digital & Advertising

MP&A designed a comprehensive program for Jamaica Inn that included new positioning and tag line, new website, database and email marketing program, PPC marketing, and expanded social media presence.

Read the full case study

Learn how everything worked together for Jamaica Inn to achieve its four marketing goals and General Manager Kyle Mais’ thoughts on the effort in the MarketingSherpa Case Study.

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