The people have spoken. Yahoo Travel just announced its most-searched international beaches and Grace Bay beach in gorgeous Turks and Caicos was named the most popular Caribbean beach and the second most popular in the world outside the United States.

This wasn’t a contest or a fancy campaign.  No one was even asked to cast a vote.  Nope.  Instead, people revealed their interests with clicks of a mouse.  Each month, more than 1.2 billion people search using Yahoo.

Boulders Beach in South Africa with its resident colony of 3,000 penguins earned the top spot. Click here to read the story and see the full list of the top ten international beaches.

Yahoo Travel LogoWe were pleased to see our client, The Somerset on Grace Bay was the only Turks and Caicos resort to have a picture featured in the story and one of only two resorts called out.

While the story is about organic search, what does it take to have a hotel selected to be highlighted in such an article?

In today’s competitive environment we believe integrated customer relationship marketing or iCRM is key. Keeping clients at the forefront is the direct result of a dedicated, cohesive marketing approach that effectively combines digital and direct marketing, website SEO and SEM, social media advertising and strong public relations. The results speak for themselves

Of course a little luck is always involved. But, through the years, we have found that the stronger our client’s iCRM programs are, the luckier each one is.

Given a choice, wouldn’t you prefer to be both strong and lucky?

AUTHOR: Madigan Pratt
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