Creative that Connects

MPA’s experiential marketing invites guests be a part of the story. Through masterfully designed creative backed by proven strategies, MPA crafts brand experiences that help create ongoing relationships with key audiences.

The Somerset Web

The Somerset on Grace Bay Website

A responsive, adaptive site integrated with social media, remarketing and a content strategy that keeps it top ranked in search.

  • HSMAI Adrian Award (Gold) for User Experience, 2017
  • Communicator Award of Excellence (Gold) for User Experience, 2017
  • W3 Award (Silver) for User Experience, 2016
  • Interactive Media Award, Best in Class, Hotel/Resort, 2016

Jamaica Inn Website

While the resort is timeless, its digital marketing is at the forefront of reaching and appealing to its target markets.
  • Communicator Award (Silver), Website: Structure and Navigation, 2016
  • Davey Award (Silver), Website: Visual Appeal, 2016
  • Interactive Media Award, Best in Class: Travel/Tourism, 2016
  • Interactive Media Award, Best in Class: Hotel/Resort, 2016
  • W3 (Silver), Website: User Experience, 2015

Nisbet Plantation Website

Although the resort’s home island of Nevis doesn’t have any stoplights, Nisbet Plantation is technology-forward with its website experience.

  • Communicator Award (Silver), Website: Hotels and Lodging, 2016
  • W3 Award (Silver), Website: Hotels and Lodging, 2015

Governor’s Land Website

Affluent prospective home buyers are time starved but do their homework. Governor’s Land needed to quickly engage viewers and make it easy to get a feel for the private country club community.
  • W3 (Silver), Website: Visual Appeal, 2016

Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort Website

While this eco-resort is a hand-built sanctuary, drawing in travelers worldwide depends on leading edge, captivating digital marketing.

  • Davey Award (Gold), Website: Best Visual Appeal-Aesthetics, 2017
  • Davey Award (Silver), Website: Hotel/Lodging, 2017
  • Interactive Media Award, Best in Class Hotel/Resort, 2017
  • W3 (Silver), Website: Visual Appeal, 2017

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

Developing a brand narrative for this Caribbean eco-pioneer resulted in a story that inspires change, responsible tourism and a safer planet.

  • Published case study chapter in book, Coastal Tourism, Sustainability, & Climate Change in the Caribbean, 2017
  • CHIEF Award for Environmental Sustainability, 2017
  • HSMAI/National Geographic Traveler Adrian Award (Gold), 2016

Governor’s Land at Two Rivers Video

Creating lifestyle videos make viewers feel they are experiencing one of Virginia’s premier private golf and waterfront country club communities.

  • Communicator Award (Silver) for Branded Content: Video, 2016

The Somerset 10th Anniversary Campaign

Everyone enjoys an invitation to celebrate milestone events. Guests and prospects kept the festivities going with an engaging integrated campaign highlighting the resort’s signature treasured times.

The Somerset Brochure

Compelling pictures and alluring copy combine on expertly selected paper stock to begin giving readers a rich sense of what to expect at the luxury beach enclave.
  • Communicator Award of Excellence (Gold), Brochure, 2016
Muscarelle Brochure

Muscarelle Museum of Art Brochure

This important cultural asset of The College of William & Mary and the Williamsburg, VA, community thrives with critical support from donors.

  • Communicator Award (Silver) for Brochure, 2015
  • Davey Award (Silver) for Brochure, 2015