Nisbet Plantation Case Study

Increase in Room Nights


Nisbet Plantation is a 36-room boutique hotel and located on the remote island of Nevis – one of the most expensive islands in the region to travel to. The hotel’s sales were down, and the resort needed something dramatic to increase reservations and generate profitable revenue… that wouldn’t cost a lot of money.


Develop a new, simplified rate structure that eliminates complicated packages, discounts and frills and instead, offers everyday value.


MP&A did an extensive analysis to determine the break-even point, package and room distribution, business source contributions and average room rates by season. After testing a variety of rates and scenarios, it was determined that the resort could reduce its rates by 30% to offer guests everyday value rates. The new rate structure was promoted on the website, display ads, social media, email marketing and public relations.

Past guests, prospects and new leads responded well to the rate structure. The following fiscal year, Nisbet Plantation increased its room nights by 24%.

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